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Top 10 Reasons to See Our Show

  1. Murder and a Meal
    You’ll witness a murder (or two) and help solve the suspenseful mystery while enjoying a delicious dinner. And you don’t even need a remote control.
  2. Discounts for Large Groups
    If you have a group of 15 or more and make a single bulk purchase, we will provide a per ticket discount. Call for details. Religious cults planning mass suicides not accepted.
  3. Patriotism
    If you don’t buy a ticket to see this show, then the terrorists may have already won.
  4. Cast Interaction
    In between scenes, you can interact with the various occupants of the Bottoms’ family manor. Just be careful; one of them may be a murderer. Or even worse, a (insert opposing political affiliation here).
  5. Customize It For Your Group
    If you want a private show, we can customize it for your needs and environment. Happy endings are available at additional cost.
  6. Critically Acclaimed
    Four out of five dentists agree that our show is better for cavity prevention than any other murder mystery in town. Plus, our cast has as many Emmys, Grammys, and Oscars as Jim Belushi, Hilary Duff, and Steven Seagal combined.
  7. Great For a Date
    It’s a killer place to bring your wife or girlfriend (or both, if you feel lucky).
  8. It’s a Whodunnit
    Remember when JR was shot? Of course you do, because everybody loves a whodunnit; except, of course, for the person that “dunnit.”
  9. Gas Prices
    Dinner and the show are at the same location, so you don’t have to worry about filling up at the gas pumps, where the only death involves your bank account.
  10. You love puppies
    We here at PITA Productions are emphatically, immeasurably, unequivocally, decisively, unceasingly, and irrevocably in favor of puppy dogs. Can the same be said about other murder mystery companies? You be the judge.
  11. Alternate Endings
    OK, so we can’t count. Our show Murder! More or Less … a comedy has multiple endings. Not only are there alternate endings, but the audience will be the ones that get to choose whodunnit! After all the clues have been revealed, each member of the audience will vote by “Top Secret” ballot to choose the murderer(s). So even the cast members won’t know whodunnit until the very end!