Special Engagement


JANUARY 9-11, 2020

All handsome eligible Dirk Dagwell wanted was a bride, so off to cable access TV he went to be the latest schmuck on the morally bankrupt show How to Marry a Millionaire. It’s star, tacky host Remus Philbrick who would have been a better fit as a greasy nightclub comic on a cruise ship in 1972. The “lovely” bachelorettes invited onto the show to fight to win themselves a millionaire are Tanya, (who got on the sexy line twice and bypassed the brains line altogether) Carleen, (been there, shot that) and Darma (sweetie-perfection is annoying). Who will he choose to be his bride? And will it be the last choice he ever makes? Come join in the fun; maybe even be a part of the show.


JANUARY 16-18, 2020

Experience the disruption of that seemingly ignorant bliss lived by those lovely ladies residing on Hysteria Lane as the trio of “housewives” – Summer, Chastity and Janet – uncover the murder of their dear neighbor, who is murdered in her own basement! The girls are in need of so much help, they’re… well, desperate! They’re going to need more than the police to uncover this mystery; they’re going to need YOU! They may even discover someone in the room who looks just like Mary Ruth and use her to contact their deceased friend from beyond the grave. Never underestimate a housewife, because one never knows… she may be just deadly!

Murder and a Meal

Even during times where laughs have been hard to come by, Murder and a Meal Dinner Theatre has been “serving up heaping platefuls of belly-laughs since 2005”. We provide a fully interactive entertainment experience, which lets YOU in on the action! Our intimate dining room seating brings you face to face with some of the funniest actors in the valley while you enjoy a delicious 3-course meal!

Rave Reviews

"A wonderful evening from start to finish. Every detail was well planned & attended to. The script was witty, and clever, the characters superbly executed, great ambiance & a good meal. If your looking for a truly fun & entertaining experience I highly recommend Murder & A Meal."
-Susan Burnett

"I never attended one of these type of shows before, and all I can say is AWESOME! Loved how they included the audience and the actors where very good. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard and for so long."
-D. Ruelens, Lancaster, PA

"It was so much fun! The actors were great in their roles and it was hard to figure out who did it. The food was good too. I will recommend this to as many people as possible and plan to come back to see the new show."
-H. Back, Phoenix, AZ