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Mr. Boddee’s birthday celebration is this evening! All of his so-called “friends” have a desire to get even with him. Somebody gets bumped off… and it is up to the audience to decide who the maniacal murderer is.

In Murder on the Movie Set, the audience plays extras on a 1940’s movie set where things go terribly wrong during rehearsal for the restaurant scene.There is more wrong than just a fly in the soup… it’s a Whodunit!

The lovely ladies residing on Hysteria Lane uncover the murder of their dear neighbor, who was murdered in her own basement!

Dirk Dagwell wanted was a bride, so off to cable access TV he went! You never know what’s going to happen on reality TV!

Mrs. Mary Astor-Turf has been receiving messages from her long dead grandfather and everyone thinks she is crazy.


All Cosmo and Fannie wanted to do was enjoy their second honeymoon. Too bad they boarded the wrong ship.

Travel back to the Old West and the Silver Skunk Saloon Centennial Celebration. It’ll be a hootenanny to die for!

Priscilla and Chad are excited to welcome you all to the Bacon-Bitz Wedding Extravaganza! Things go horribly wrong.