Murder and a Meal
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Get a Clue...or Die!Get a Clue...or Die!
Mr. Boddee's birthday celebration is this evening! All of his so-called "friends" are on the guest list: the gold-digging Miss Scarlett, the eccentric Professor Plum, the aging Col. Mustard, the ill-tempered Mr. Green, the conceited Mrs. Peacock, and poor, mistreated and misunderstood Mrs. White. They all have a reason to have a distaste for Mr. Boddee's erratic, arrogant and selfish behavior and have a desire to get even with him. He (of course) gets bumped off... and it is up to the audience to decide who the maniacal murderer is. With the help of Stu Sturdevant, they will be guided through a web of deceit where you, not us, determine WHODUNNIT! Brace yourself for one crazy night of side-splitting laughter!!! You've been warned!

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This show is rated PG for some sexual innuendos.
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