Murder and a Meal
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Mother always told us that it's not nice to talk about one's self ...
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See what Northwest Valley Newspapers Entertainment Editor, Rich Ott, wrote and published in the Daily News-Sun, Surprise Today paper!

"Thank you soooo much for making my graduation party a wonderful and fun success. The Get a Clue crew was awesome and we loved the show. Thank you for all your professional help. You guys and gals are great. We will be back..."
Equality and family, AZ
"If you like Monty Python, Mel Brooks, Saturday Night Live or anything similar to those you will love this production. They are fun and the food is wonderful every time we have been. The humor is adult natured at times but not vulgar or too bad at all. (ie. Monty Python/Mel Brooks, etc) Me and my husband have been to two of their shows and have had an extremely fun time. The whole crew is funny and wonderful actors who seem to enjoy their work which makes everyone else enjoy it even more in my opinion. The fact that they have been so quick and willing to make accommodations for our special needs (handicapped) means something we do not have to worry with and it allows us to enjoy the show without undue stress. We have every intention of coming back every chance we get and can not wait till we can bring our (grown) children to see their shows. We know they will enjoy it as much as we have. Thank you A Murder and a Meal Dinner Theater for everything and keep it up, you are helping to bring laughter back to some people who need it more than you could possibly know."
Elisabeth & Bill Luce, AZ
"This is a great interactive experience where you can take out of town guests or your local friends. It is light-hearted comedy and spoof, with a great country club meal. Most touching to me was the friendliness of the actors, producer and director. I left wanting to be friends with all of them. I brought an out of town guest who was used in the show and he had a memorable wonderful night. Thank you to all. 5 Star Rating, Highly recommend!!!! I will definitely go again and bring more friends along."
Scottsdale Girl, AZ
"The show was great, very funny! Food was good, but you mainly go for the show which was excellent! Made for a fun Girl's Nite Out, the acting was A+ in my book! Would definitely go back!"
Tina Baron, AZ
"I've actually had the pleasure of watching both shows. And I can honestly say the cast had me laughing from beginning to end. The play never lost my attention and there was a lot of interaction with the audience. All the actors were great! I feel like I got to know the actors a little bit from talking to them personally in between show times and they all had great personalities. The Director of the Production is a riot! And when they served all the guests they were very friendly and provided great customer service. At any rate, you have to experience one of these shows! You won't be disappointed! GOOD JOB YOU GUYS!!"
Angela, Goodyear, AZ
"I heard you are coming back and will be doing more shows! My wife and I are so excited about that and will definitely be telling everyone about it. We had such a great time when we "last visited the Bottom's mansion"!!! See you soon!"
Damon and Sharalynn Wellington, AZ
"This was the first time we had been to a murder mystery dinner theater and we were not disappointed! The actors were amazing as they did absolutely everything there was to do for the evening. The food was okay, the venue was intimate, and we liked the small group atmosphere. We will definitely come again. Well worth the money. Great evening!"
Kayla Kolar, AZ
"I never attended one of these type of shows before, and all I can say is AWESOME! Loved how they included the audience and the actors where very good. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard and for so long."
D. Ruelens, Lancaster, PA
"What a great show! The characters were so great they kept surprising us with each new scene. The show has comedy suspense and intrigue. Bring your friends and family and enjoy the show. It's a hoot!"
Blenda and Dale Chmielewski, AZ
"Oh, my goodness, I never would have expected to have had so much FUN!! What a wonderful way to spend an evening!! Not ONLY was the cast very talented and friendly, but they made the act even more funny with how they interacted with the audience--it was hilarious!! I had so much FUN!! The food was great, the service was excellent (and funny, too) and it was a nice, family atmosphere. The only disappointment was that there weren't more people there to enjoy it!!! We will definitely be coming again!"
L. Eades, Phoenix, AZ
"We heard you all are returning, and with new shows coming soon? Count us in!"
Jake and Sydney Hoffman, Phoenix
"My Lady and I attended the show and had a wonderful time. The show going on so closely around you (and in some cases with you) made us feel less like we were watching the show and more like we were involved in it. ... The double-ententres are slightly risqué, making it great fun for adults and teens alike, while the cast serving your food, allows for questions in character, making it much more interactive than the standard "We need a volunteer from the audience." My Lady and I will certainly return with our entourage of squires in tow. Thank you for a lovely evening and we look forward to seeing you all again soon."
K. Weibley, Phoenix, AZ
"My husband and I went for our anniversary to do something different. This was a fantastic something different. I laughed so hard, I couldn't stop, no really, for about 5 minutes (or so it seemed) I kept giggling, not just a snicker either, all out bust a gut, milk spewing laughter. This show should come with a warning, because you might even laugh your self to death..... ahhhh. I did love through it and will DEFINITELY see the show again."
The Burdis, Phoenix, AZ
"We thought this event was fun and entertaining. We enjoyed interacting with the cast. There was a lot of laughter and we are looking forward to doing this again."
C. DePauz, Surprise, AZ
"Excellent show! Excellent food! Excellent time!"
M. Johnson, Goodyear, AZ
"We were totally thrilled with the show and dinner. Everyone was extremely courteous and friendly. The show itself was awesome and the actors were fantastic. Last but not least, the service was second to none! We will definitely be back in the near future."
Mark P., Phoenix, AZ
"My daughter and I had a wonderful time. There were just enough people to make it fun and not so many as to lose the feel of being a guest. We would definitely do this again and I will recommend it to people I know."
M. McDowell, Phoenix, AZ
"What a great cast of characters and everyone of them pulled the audience right into the play. Look forward to the poop deck."
Dave G., Phoenix, AZ
"It was so much fun. I'm not the type to go to see a show of this such, but now I'm glad I did. The actors were so good, especially that little rascal, Dewey. The butler was just too funny and all the cast was great. Keep the good job up."
M. Gonzalez, Phoenix, AZ
"It was so much fun! The actors were great in their roles and it was hard to figure out who did it. The food was good too. I will recommend this to as many people as possible and plan to come back to see the new show."
H. Back, Phoenix, AZ
"What a fabulous and entertaining show! The characters are rich and full of life - and the interactive part was awesome. I brought two friends in from out of town just to see your production. Top notch!"
Dee, AZ
"The show was very entertaining from start to finish. Talented cast and good writing I had a smile on my face long after the show was over! I can't wait for the new show!"
Hayley and family, Phoenix, AZ
"We Red Hat Ladies had the time of our lives -- thanks for all the laughs!!"
Red Hat Ladies, Sun City West, AZ
"I had a great time. This was the first time I had ever been to anything like this. I will definitely come back again. The cast was awesome. Thank you for such a wonderful time."
L. Wright, AZ
"This show is so funny. If you want to be entertained then go see this show. It's pure fun!"
H. Cloughton, Scottsdale, AZ
"The maid was a delight to watch. She had adorable facial expressions. The cook had incredible energy and was very funny. The hostess/wife was very charming and friendly and made me feel welcomed in her home. The dinner was good, the help helpful and, overall, the play held my interest."
C. Vincent, Glendale, AZ
"Never having been to dinner theater before, I found your show a great introduction to the art form. I have to say from the moment I got there, I had a great time - right up until I left. It was an evening well spent. The cast was outstanding!"
T. Robison, Mesa, AZ
"I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish! The 'who dun it' was very nicely done! I look forward to seeing another performance in the future! Thank you for the entertainment."
M. McMahon, Glendale, AZ
"My friends and I went to your show last night and had so much fun."
Guest, Mesa, AZ
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